This is my draft, unofficial CSSA todo list.
Last updated: September 9th, 2003 at 12:33PM CDT

1 Recruitment plans 1 General Meeting (for recruitment, to pass necessary stuff, comply with constitution and comply with UMSU requirements) Proposed draft agenda:cssa/sep03agenda.txt
1 "Maintenance" (whiteboard, UMSU registration, pay for mail box, get/give signing authority, ask UMSU for office?)
1 CSSA executive "handbook" (notes, history, "maintenance", howto's...) Draft: cssa/handbook.txt
1 Course seminars (note free rooms, average lecturer fee $50, AV?, food/drinks) 2 Put bylaws into the constitution (see newsgroup post)
3 Efforts to keep the lounge clean
3 Add spending limit bylaw (see newsgroup post)
3 Annual wrap up BBQ (sometimes successful, hard to manage, free Safeway stuff?)
3 Request for old course material (exams, assignments, tests, notes...)
3 CS specific web site for old course material
3 Raise funds (asking companies, alumni...)
4 Course textbooks (04R_term1_books.txt), CS reference material and classic CS material for the library see
4 Grants to students for "showing off" the university (was best 2nd year project award)
4 A Christmas tree lecture (by former 74.206 prof? Like Stanford's Don Knuth)
4 A seminar about how to play Go (see Dr. Bate)
4 A gnupg seminar (theo offered to help)
4 Keysigning party (needs gnupg seminar first. talk to 414 prof?)
4 Online calendar of events (CS dept events, CSSA, eng, misa...)
4 Online job registry
4 Tutor registry
4 helping with recruitment and job finding (seminars, job fairs, calling companies for co-op, talking to SES science job person, penny?...)
5 Online meeting procedures
5 Low cost "day" lockers (put a quarter in to have the locker for a day? End of month/day/year "evictions"?)
5 Guest CS lectures (with ACM?)
5 Cheap(er) Laser printing. Someone calculated the cost to be 4 cents per page plus maintenance. Cost: Printer ($10 to $500) + Computer (free to $500) + Paper (5000case $42.13staples, $41.01 to $54.69OfficeDepot, avg 1c/p?) + Toner (Refill at ??? Dublin $85 for HP92298A max 6800 pages, avg 2c/p?). I estimate 3c/p plus capital and maintenance. How much does it cost at the copy centre?
5 Help the CS department (and others?) find more professors (qualified only)
5 Help get CS more space
5 Programming contests
6 Lobby for change in the course registration system to make it more fare
6 Free CS software (logicworks replacement, java, free ide's, djgpp, cygwin, ming, dia and other uml tools, rational rose demo... Last time Ed and I did this a prof required a book that had the relevant course software, but previously the java cd was popular)
7 Free phone in/near the lounge (SSA's is good enough for now, eng will be good enough later)
7 More cheap photocopying (there's arguably enough now)
8 Volunteer rewards (like engineering does)
9 Research/Project grants(on a per application evaluation basis
9 Payed trips to seminars(on a per application evaluation basis