Drew Scott Daniels' Resume

Phone: (204)269-1121 
E-mail: ddaniels@UMAlumni.mb.ca
220 Killarney Av.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada, R3T 3B6


University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB 
B.Sc. Computer Science 
Graduated October 2004 

Computer Skills and Working Ability:

Programming Knowledge:
  • Security analysis
  • Programming languages (C, C++, Assembly, Java...)
  • Compilers and IDE's (gcc, g++, Microsoft Visual Studio...)
  • Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)
  • Software Engineering
Networking Knowledge:
  • Security
  • TCP, RTP, IP, ARP...
  • Internet client and server software
  • Network software (small networks and security for a 12,000 user network)
Operating Systems:
  • Unix and Linux (RedHat, Debian)...
  • Microsoft Windows (3.x, 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT 4.0, XP, 2003, Vista)
General Skills:
  • Diagnosing hardware & software problems
  • Computer assembly and repair
  • Teaching
  • Telephone, e-mail and in person support
  • Financial management

Research Interests:

Pattern recognition programs is of primary interest. Other research interests include:
  • Compression
  • Encryption
  • Cryptanalysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Indicators & predictors
  • Music
  • Emulation
    • Compiler optimization
    • Compiling optimization
    • Recompilation
    • Automating testing and debugging
    • Security
  • Voice recognition
  • Conversation synthesis
  • Operating system performance
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Jobs:

    2003 January to present Computer Programmer/Analyst, Linear Systems (Winnipeg MB)
    Creating/Maintaining applications and API's to DVB-ASI, SMPTE 310M (ATSC), and SMPTE 259M (SDI) cards. Working on methods to transmit or receive and analyze MPEG streams over DVEO cards and other interfaces such as UDP, DirectShow, encoders, and decoders. Diagnosing hardware, software and design issues. More details available.
    2002 September to December Technical Writer, Linear Systems (Winnipeg MB)
    Creating HTML documentation for the API to DVB, ASI cards. Using example code for interfacing with the cards to receive or send MPEG encoded and other streams.
    2002 February to June Computer Security Consultant, University of Manitoba (Winnipeg MB)
    Scanning for vulnerabilities, security research, Network Intrusion Detection (network IDS) (installations, deployment maintenance, analysis), vulnerability analysis, and security analysis of software.
    2001 April to December Security Analyst, Government of Manitoba
    Responsible for test lab creation and maintenance (x86, RS/6000 AIX 4.3.3, Sun EPS 250 Solaris, HP R300), scanning for vulnerabilities, security research, Network Intrusion Detection (NIDS) (installations, deployment maintenance, analysis), security policy checks, and security analysis of software (including cryptanalysis). More details available.
    1999 to 2001 The University of Manitoba (Winnipeg MB), Academic Computing Networking, Consulting Team, Advisor
    Responsible for maintenance of Mac, PC and Unix lab equipment, supporting computer lab users, maintaining printers (DFX 86x00's), filling out hardware reports on a MVS mainframe, supporting users via telephone, e-mail and in person.
    1998 Linden Woods Computer Training Camp (Winnipeg MB): Assistant Director, Web master, and Instructor
    Doing web site creation using text editors & Composer, web site maintenance, Windows server administration, course content development, teaching children (ages 12-15), obtaining and organizing equipment, accommodations, advertising, schedules, finances and assisting other instructors.
    1999 to 2001 Self employed System Administrator of a collocated machine
    Setting up and maintaining services such as ftp, http, ssh, pop3, etc. Main responsibility: hardware management. Shared work setting up and maintaining several daemons.
    1995 to 2001 Volunteer System Operator (BBS SysOp)
    Performing maintenance of the hardware (changed hard drives, modems, CD-ROM drives, mother boards, etc.), message system, file system, doors and BBS software.

    Other Experience:

    Co-ordinated a men's indoor soccer team and managed the finances (1999 to 2002)
    Student representative on the Computer Science Department Council (2000 to 2004)
    Past President of the Computer Science Students Association at the University of Manitoba (2000 to 2001)
    Certification in Standard First Aid and CPR (2005)
    Managing www.boxheap.net

    Resume supplements are available.